Stop the Paper!

Julie Olander, AAMS® |

Is your mailbox being inundated with mail from LPL or shareholder communications from mutual fund companies such as annual reports, shareholder meeting and voting options? Are you wondering why you are receiving these when you thought you had chosen to be paperless? Do you want the mail to stop? We can help!

The mail you receive from LPL, such as trade confirmations and account statements, can be received electronically rather than in paper form by logging into your Account View account and choosing “Paperless” for whatever items you would prefer to not receive in the mail.  The other mailings that you receive are from the individual securities and funds that you own in your accounts. These communications are required to be sent to you by the various companies because of your ownership in the funds and/or corporations. As an owner, you have rights to vote on decisions and read the filings the company or fund has made with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. It is your choice to vote or read these documents once you receive them, there is no action required from you.

The account documents that come from LPL and the shareholder communications from the mutual fund companies are in two different systems and report separately. This would explain why you may be 100% paperless on your Account View settings (LPL), but still receiving a lot of mail.  This also explains why you do not see the option to change this shareholder communications election online through Account View. We understand that this can be confusing and will be happy to help you update this setting on your accounts.

If you are interested in finding out how to become fully paperless (or even just mostly paperless), please contact us today. You can reach us at or by calling our office at 303-534-9328 or 719-359-9450. We can help you get logged into Account View and choose what you want to be paperless there, and we can also prepare a form for you to sign to stop the additional shareholder communications that come from the mutual fund companies.

Once we submit the signed form, LPL will send you an email to complete and confirm the request for electronic shareholder communications. After you confirm your election, you will begin to receive an email notification with a link to access, view, and/or print the communication documents, but you will stop receiving them in paper form in the mail.  It can take several months for all the mailings to stop.

I.M. Wealth Care is here to help so please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if there is anything else that we can be of assistance with.  We are just a call or an email away!