Chad Stevens | Financial Planner Assistant

Chad Stevens is a Financial Planner Assistant at I.M. Wealth Care, LLC. He graduated from Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado at Boulder in the spring of 2019 and passed the Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) Board exam on his first attempt just months after graduation. 

Chad’s primary focus is to provide excellent service to every participant of the retirement plans we serve. He works with business owners to develop retirement plans that are most effective for them and their employees. 

In addition, Chad utilizes his knowledge from the CFP® board exam to build intricate financial plans that aim to evaluate every aspect of an individual or family’s financial life. This includes investment analysis, cash flow management, risk mitigation, estate planning, education planning, and retirement planning. 

On the Personal Side
Chad is all about the outdoors, growing up in North Carolina and Georgia gave him his first taste of mountain activities. From snowboarding & winter camping to fly fishing & hiking he enjoys them all.  But what he loves most is spending time with friends and experiencing nature while off-roading in his jeep.  After a day on the trail Chad enjoys hanging around a campfire in the mountains with his friends.  When he’s not outside you can find Chad at the local climbing gym or volunteering with his church. 

Something You May Not Know
Chad enjoys long road trips to far away places from driving across the country and neighboring countries to flying around the world for a road trip across Australia. He plans to continue traveling to different places and experiencing diverse cultures around the world.