Financial Planning

We provide comprehensive financial planning services that are tailored to your unique needs. From cash-flow analysis to estate planning, our advisors will carefully guide you towards financial independence and ultimately, the peace of mind to know that you made wise financial decisions at every stage. We create a road map for those just getting started, build retirement strategies for those wondering if they have saved enough, and provide estate planning services for those thinking about their legacy. Our robust financial planning software, eMoney, allows us to stress test any plan as well as build unlimited "what if" scenarios to help you make informed decisions.  And unlike many financial advisors, we offer stand-alone financial planning without the requirement that we also manage your assets.

Business Planning

The foundation of a successful business is a strong financial plan. No matter where you are in your career or the stage of your venture, the team at I.M. Wealth Care will come alongside you as a trusted partner as you pursue your goals. Whether growing a new business, mitigating risk, or exploring retirement and succession options, our dedicated team instills the confidence you need to optimally manage your business. Our flexible, fee-based model allows us to structure our services and fees in the most cost-effective and convenient way for you and your business.

Active Investment Management 

Active investment management is the vehicle that brings our purpose-driven strategies to life. As we often remind our clients, assets are simply a tool to help you reach your goals.  Before building any investment portfolios, we start by making sure we understand you and your goals.  We then build your investment portfolio in line with your time frame, your risk tolerance, your tax situation, and the current economic environment.  We continue to monitor your investments over time to ensure that we are pro-actively re-balancing when warranted, making strategy shifts when necessary and adding value by doing things such as tax loss harvesting when the markets are down. In order to provide you with the most timely research and focused portfolio structuring, we have chosen to align ourselves with the investment research team at Merit Financial.  Under the leadership of Chartered Financial Analyst, Doug Blanton, the investment team at Merit is solely focused on where we need to be positioned in the markets and is able to make timely adjustments to client portfolios as needed.

Private Strategies

The public markets, such as the New York Stock Exchange, can often be unpredictable and can cause uncertainty and anxiety as you weather the short term volatility in hopes of long term gain.  Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to achieve those potential gains without the same day to day volatility?  By offering our clients access, when appropriate, to private investment strategies that are not correlated with the public markets, we can provide an opportunity for consistent cash flow as well as the potential for capital appreciation even when the public markets are misbehaving. These unique strategies include private debt, real estate investment trusts, private equity opportunities, and access to oil & gas investing. We understand that these types of strategies are not appropriate for all investors, but can be a real value add for certain clients.

Charitable Strategies

Charitable giving is something we are passionate about at I.M. Wealth Care, and we want to help you realize your charitable goals as well.  There are a number of creative charitable strategies available to philanthropic people that many financial advisors are unaware of.  We have helped our clients reduce their taxes and impact the world around them by using strategies such as Pooled Income Funds, Charitable Remainder Trusts, Donor-Advised Funds, Designated Funds, Qualified Charitable Distributions from IRAs, appreciated stock gifts, donations prior to a sale, etc.  We understand the complexities of the tax laws regulating charitable giving and can help you increase the impact of your giving by reducing your tax burden at the same time. Whether your goal is legacy gifting at the end of life, or maximizing your giving throughout your life, our advisors understand how important it is to give back as you seek to be intentional with your wealth.



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