Starting a business is HARD. And operating a successful business for the long term is a huge responsibility. At I.M. Wealth Care, we understand these realities first-hand. We’re small business owners ourselves and understand the struggles, complexities and risks you face daily. Along with the personal financial services we offer for families, we also help our business owner clients with the unique needs that come with business ownership, such as succession planning, exit strategies, risk mitigation, asset management, tax planning, company retirement plans and more. I.M. Wealth Care is truly a one-stop shop for personalized attention to all of your key financial and business decisions. Our flexible, fee-based model allows us to structure our fees in the most convenient and cost-effective way for you. As an independent financial advisory firm we don’t sell prescribed products and services, but provide recommendations that are truly in the best interest of you and your business. 

Medical Professionals

Choosing to be a medical professional is a life-altering decision requiring a huge commitment of both time and money. I.M. Wealth Care has extensive experience advising medical professionals on financial matters that are unique to your industry. We can act as a personal advisor throughout your career, from student loan payoff plans to cash flow management and retirement planning. Our flexible, fee-based model allows us to structure our services and fees in the most cost-effective and convenient way for you. With the right financial advisor by your side, you can ensure that your decision to pursue a challenging career in the service of others is rewarding both personally and financially.

Company Retirement Plans

In our competitive marketplace, taking care of employees has become vital to talent acquisition, retention and performance. Whether your business is steadily profitable or on a meteoric growth trajectory, I.M. Wealth Care provides hands-on development, management and service of your company retirement plan, including 401(k)/403(b) plans, cash balance plans and SIMPLE IRA accounts. Our experienced retirement plan consultants take a partnership approach in crafting and managing the right retirement plan for your business. We provide exceptional service, total transparency and helpful education that will resonate with your employees. As an independent financial advisory firm we don’t sell prescribed products or generic retirement plans, but are free to offer recommendations that are truly in the best interest of your business and your employees. Our flexible, fee-based model allows us to structure our advice and fees in the most cost-effective way for you and your business.

Financially Independent Women

Wealth is both a blessing and a responsibility. It’s important to navigate the maze of financial decisions and investment options with an advisor you can trust. Whether through starting a business, building wealth over time, or inheriting wealth, most women will, at some point in their lives, find themselves as the primary, and often sole, financial decision-maker.  At I.M. Wealth Care, we understand the weight of these decisions and the importance of having the right guidance. Our advisors spend the time to get to know you, your values, your goals, your fears and your dreams; then design a way forward that is customized for you. Whether you are a business owner or find yourself suddenly single, we want to build a long-term, trusted relationship with you.  Your peace of mind is our ultimate goal. 

Young Professionals and Retirees

With the average life expectancy getting longer and longer, it's not unreasonable to think that you may have 40-50 years to accumulate wealth as an adult, and another 30-40 years to ensure that it lasts for your lifetime.  Each stage of life, from accumulation to preservation to distribution, requires a unique planning process and an appropriate investment strategy for that stage.  It's never too soon to build a long-term financial plan and begin making the right financial decisions to get you where you want to be later in life.  And as you move into the distribution phase, it's important to be partnered with an advisor who shares your values and understands your legacy goals.  We all want to be purposeful with our lives and our wealth, but that doesn't happen by accident.  At I.M. Wealth Care, we know the questions to ask and the conversations to have to ensure that your wealth will have a lasting impact.

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